Native at Rebelle Con: Join Our Workshop on Community

Native’s founders will be taking part in Rebelle Con, November 9-11, 2017. Rebelle Con is a new conference focused on lifestyle design for entrepreneurial women. Founded by Shannon Siriano Greenwood (of Lemon Umbrella) and Anika Horn (of Social Venturers), Rebelle Con seeks to empower millennial women to thrive in today’s career landscape. Discussion will focus on the core themes of wellness, money, community, and creativity—each an essential pillar to success and fulfillment as an entrepreneur.

The Importance of Community

Native’s Founders, Liz and Kasey, will be leading a Community Building Bootcamp Friday, November 10th, guiding discussion and exercises on the purposeful cultivation of meaningful connections. Former classmates turned business partners, Native’s cofounders know the value of strong, genuine relationships in forging a path as entrepreneurs.

It’s no secret that a strong support system is a key to success, but in our busy and increasingly digital world, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint just what that looks like. How do we build authentic relationships and bring together people who share and support our values? And how do we navigate the various communities in our lives to ensure mutual benefit and growth?

The Weekend Overall

While we’re most excited to see Native represent, the weekend is going to be full of enlightening events and speakers. Other names on the roster include fashion designer Christian Siriano, yoga teacher and Every Body Yoga author Jessamyn Stanley, PR pro Jay Ell Alexander, and a host of other inspiring entrepreneurs. Things will get started Thursday evening with registration and cocktails, with workshops, keynotes, and socializing to follow on both Friday and Saturday. Visit for more information!