Team Spotlight: Celeste Reyna

Celeste Reyna is our new writing guru; technically her job title is Strategic Communications Manager.

Celeste was previously an Editor for Arcadia Publishing. Located in Charleston, S.C., Arcadia is the largest and most comprehensive publisher of local and regional books in the U.S. Celeste also brings an understanding of development and property management from her time at The Beach Company, one of the South’s largest development firms. Celeste’s unique background is ideally suited for our continual focus on place-making and community building through the clients we serve.

“I really enjoy the variety of work at Native Collab,” says Celeste, “My position entails work in different industries like product development, state-sanctioned projects, and the nonprofit realm. Having the opportunity to extend into these fields is great. I never feel stagnant.”

Celeste is definitely not stagnant, though she is a bit interview-shy; she repeatedly answered our questions with “I don’t like to talk about myself on the Internet” (which, we’ll admit, made us laugh).

Jokes aside, Celeste’s drive will ensure that Native’s reach continues to grow along with our team. “I always tell myself to maintain a drive to be better,” she says, “I don’t want to just hit a plateau.”

Celeste comes to us fresh from receiving her M.A. from the University of Georgia in Journalism and Mass Communication. We are excited to have her expertise and analytical skills on our team!

…We’d also like to mention that, after stating she couldn’t think of a single interesting fact about herself, Celeste casually mentioned that she had climbed Machu Picchu and once lived across the street from Bill Murray.