Our Founders at The College of Charleston

Our founders returned to their alma mater, The College of Charleston, to discuss how they built Native from the ground up. They gave tips regarding how to effectively start your own business, how to build lasting relationships with clients, and how they used their liberal arts degrees to jump start their careers.



Here are a few key pointers they provided:

Be proactive – When Native looks for partners and new employees, they value people who are self-starters. Small businesses need people who can jump in and figure it out. It’s also important that any person seeking an entry level job is comfortable with taking initiative, as start-ups are often busy places.

Take a technical course to fine-tune your skill set – Taking a course in finance, analytics, graphic design, or any other technical field will make you more valuable to a potential employer, and also help if you want your own business.  It is great to come to the table with ideas and projects, but if you can’t communicate your ideas visually or put accurate numbers on a project scope, you are much less likely to have your idea move forward or be taken seriously.
Have diverse experiences  Have diverse experiences. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself to one track. For a college student, that means seeking out courses that you are interested in outside of your major. Take advantage of the programs your college offers, study abroad and learn other languages when possible. In today’s global economy, diverse experience is invaluable.

Know how to write effectively – Good writing will allow you to communicate both internally and externally within a company. Being able to write clearly, effectively and concisely is an essential skill to workplace survival. Take a business writing class if you feel as though you are lacking in this area.