Does Virtual Reality Have A Place in Brand Campaigns?

We have to admit, after 3D TVs barely made a ripple of excitement among consumers, we assumed that most people preferred a two-dimensional digital experience. We thought that consumers wanted digital as part of their lives, but they didn’t want digital to become their lives. Then Pokemon Go exploded and all that changed. Virtual reality was has arrived. But the question remains: how can brands create compelling stories using virtual reality?

According to Adweek consumers are ready for VR. They are also more likely to think positively of bands who use VR. Check out their infographic below.greenlight-vr

Virtual reality can involve third party devices and out-of-home experiences, but it doesn’t have to. Savvy editing  can take the complexity out of VR for the consumer. For example, Michelle Obama created an astounding VR experience using 360 video:

Many VR iPhone apps require the use of Google Cardboard, a simple device that takes the VR experience to the next level. For example, brands can take notes from this app that gives users the opportunity to walk on the moon. Walking on the moon is something 99% of us will never experience, but this app gives you the opportunity through an intensely well-executed VR experience. Brands can create similar once-in-a-lifetimes opportunities for consumers using virtual reality.

At Native, we believe virtual reality is great for clients. When used strategically, virtual reality can delight consumers and creatively relay branded messages. We are excited to see how this medium continues to evolve.