Snapchat v Instagram Stories: The Good, The Bad, and the Awesome

Instagram Stories launched a few weeks ago, and in true Mark Zuckerberg fashion it completely changed the social media landscape seemingly overnight. Suddenly, a nearly identical copy of Snapchat was on Instagram. Needless to say, people went crazy over this update. We decided to take a closer at Snapchat and its twin, Instagram Stories to see what’s good, what’s bad, and what is awesome about each platform.


The Good: Snapchat was the first platform of its kind. Before Snapchat, online video was popular — after Snapchat, online video exploded. Suddenly short, unedited video was the primary way to communicate online. And even crazier? The videos on Snapchat disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat is truly a social media game changer.

The Bad: Snapchat has a bit of a user experience problem. It is difficult to find friends and engage with them. Also, sharing content on the platform can be a little tricky. We’ve all been victim to getting a random personal snap that was meant to go on a friend’s Story instead. Or what about when snaps upload out of order?! It is so frustrating.

The Awesome: The filters. Snapchat has amazing, face transforming filters that get updated almost daily. They are so much fun to play with and really set the platform apart.



The Good: Instagram Stories is very exciting to many people because everyone is already on Instagram. Many people were on-the-fence about joining and using yet another new platform like Snapchat, so the debut of Instagram Stories made the decision to simply stick to Instagram easy.

The Bad: Instagram Stories is nearly identical to Snapchat, except there aren’t creative filters. The filters really make Snapchat special and fun. Without the filters, Instagram stories loses a bit of its wow factor.

The Awesome: Instagram stories is easy to use, and fosters amazing engagement. Instagram is known to be a curated look at people’s lives, but Instagram Stories takes some of that carefully crafted imagery and makes it more approachable. Suddenly, you are able to enjoy an influencer’s beautiful Instagram feed, but then watch her unedited Instagram stories. You can really get a 360 view of some of your favorite online influencers using Instagram Stories.