CCIS: Rebranding Student Travel


We recently rebranded a national student travel company which curates trips to Disney World, Washington, D.C., New York City and host of other locations. Our work derived from a thorough understanding of the client’s needs from the inside out.

When we met the team at Complete Custom Itinerary Services (CCIS) they were passionate, knowledgable, and forward-thinking. We wanted to create an identity that reflected this company more accurately.

Our identity overhaul process began with comprehensive research. We conducted surveys of employees, current and past customers, as well as those potential customers who selected another travel provider. Based upon our compiled results it became apparent there were four major reasons CCIS stood apart; education, logistics, customer service, and entertainment.

These areas needed to be identified and recognized in the messaging of CCIS as well as in their visual representation. Hence, the CCIS logo reborn. Each circle or branch represents one of the four pillars of CCIS, working together to strengthen their customers’ complete experience.