What To Do Instead Of Checking Work Email First Thing In The Morning

Studies have shown that checking your email first thing in the morning can reduce your productivity and increase your stress. The temptation to wake up and immediately start tackling your inbox can be hard to resist. However, there are way more productive and mentally beneficial things you can do in the morning instead of answering emails.

Jump Start Your Day By Waking Up Earlier

For busy professionals, it always feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. This usually happens because you sleep in until the last possible second and then rush through your morning routine. When you start your day rushed and stressed you end up spending the entire day feeling rushed and stressed. Wake up an hour earlier and give yourself some breathing room in the morning. A leisurely morning will allow you to arrive at work feeling refreshed, and may make your inbox feel a bit less daunting.

Make Exercise A Priority

You can’t be effective at work if you don’t take care of yourself. You can go to the gym after work, but think about how tired you are at the end of the work day? A 7pm workout will feel like a burden — you will be tempted to cancel so you can head home and relax. If you work out in the morning, you are already refreshed and full of energy. The workout will make you feel that much more invigorated.

Make Yourself Breakfast

We are all guilty of rushing out the door and eating a sad, unhealthy breakfast on the fly. Instead of gluing yourself to your email first thing in the morning, use your time to make yourself a healthy, enjoyable breakfast. Again, it is all about self-care. Don’t sacrifice your health for the sake of your inbox.

Network In The Morning

Meetings over coffee can be incredibly productive. Also, your meeting is less likely to be cancelled or postponed if you schedule your networking appointment before working hours. Lunch meetings can be incredibly disruptive to the work day, and after-work appointments inevitably get cancelled when you find yourself staying at the office late. In the morning, you are fresher, more creative, and more likely to make your meeting a success.

Okay, Now You Can Check Your Email

We don’t recommend ignoring your inbox for long. Be sure to tackle unread emails as soon as you arrive at the office. If you manage a team, checking your email early is important. You want to make sure you are providing timely feedback to your team members and you aren’t delaying your team’s progress. However, instead of checking and responding to every single email you receive early in the day, respond to the most pressing notes first. Then you can work on your personal to-do list, and tackle the rest of your inbox later.