The Apps We Use To Be More Efficient

At Native, we use technology to make our lives simpler and help us work more efficiently. From an iPhone app that gets our morning coffee order ready faster, to a desktop app that tracks our social following, we are always looking for new technology that helps us work smarter.

This week, we took an office poll to determine what work-related apps Native employees can’t live without. Check out our picks below:

Toggl: This is a dream app for hourly and freelance employees. Toggle helps you track your time effectively and efficiently, and it keeps client billing all in once place. We love this app because you can use it anywhere and you can track your time whether you are online or offline. So working remotely has never been easier. Also, the ability to color code work streams helps to keep billing organized.

StarbucksThis app is an essential for our team since we have a Starbucks so close to the office. We love this app because it is so efficient. We can pre-pay for our drinks, track our spending, and use our phone to pay if we need to.

Slack: Pretty much everyone in the office had Slack on their list of must-have work apps. Slack makes it easier than ever to stay connected and organized at work. We love that we can share files, brainstorm with full project teams, and also have individual conversations all in one place. Now we don’t have to spend our day in back-to-back status meetings because we can stay updated on Slack.

Mass Planner: Social media is a multifaceted job that requires a lot of hands-on attention. Luckily, apps like MassPlanner make it easier than ever to automate tedious social media housekeeping work. We use Mass Planner to keep track of our followers, automate social media updates, and even scrub our accounts of spam or ghost followers so we constantly maximize engagement.

VSCO: VSCO is our favorite photo editing app. We love how easy it is to use this mobile app to make our photos look more polished. This app also helps us unify our Instagram feed with the help of beautiful yet understated filters.